Pastor and Wife Comes Across 2 Dirty Boys Sitting in Trash, and Their Parents Offers Them

A man named Mark was on his way from Metropolitan Ministries in Pasco County, Florida, when he saw an astonishing discovery on the outside.  Suddenly, he saw himself standing in front of two young boys.   The boys were dirty, only wearing diapers and sitting on a heap of trash.

It turned out that the boys were brothers, age seven months and two years respectively.  The family of the boys was homeless, and they were living in a tent in the woods.

When Ronnie Stewart and his wife Krystal of Refuge church heard about them, they realized the boys were part of a family that mostly ate in the church’s kitchen soup.  Krystal said their hearts were breaking when the evening that had storm clouds came.  She adds by saying they were imaging the night that the boys were about to experience, while they were getting ready to go in a warm and dry house.

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Although Ronnie and Krystal have three children, they were certain they would not allow the homeless boys suffer outside.   They convinced the parents of the boys to enable them to go with the boys for that night, to give them warm food and baths.  It was that night that Krystal noticed that the situation was bad, as the boys had been covered with bug bites, and their skin feet was falling off.

When Ronnie and Krystal were leaving the church service on the following Sunday, they were approached by the parents of the boys.  The parents had a stunning question to them, and their answer would change their lives forever.

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Krystal says that her heart stopped when listening to her husband words when the parents said yes.  She continues to say she closed her eyes and prayed for courage, as she felt their lives was ready to change immediately.  Ronnie and Krystal had always tried to help people as much as they can, but this was on a different level.  It was bigger than them, and they knew about it.

To sum it up, Ronnie and Krystal had started a church called Refuge, which was located in Pasco County, Florida, and it happened that the church had a large homeless population.   The couple knew the community was hurting, and so they took action to help in every way.   The couple partnered with Metropolitan Ministries in providing free hot meals in the church, on Tuesday and Saturday to the homeless.  A few months later, they were feeding 500 individuals per week, as well as providing free toiletries and clothes.

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On Nov 6th on a Friday while working all day at the church, Krystal’s heart was gripped after she noticed a tiny face of a toddler staring at them through the glass doors.  The younger brother to the toddler had been laid in a stroller close to their parents for around ten hours that day.

Krystal noticed the parents as they were attending the feeding program some weeks ago.  Alongside another man, the family camped outside the church the whole day.   It was clear that the children were in need at the moment, and Krystal knew they were in that community to meet their needs.

The evening came with storm clouds, and the couple’s heart was breaking.  They started imagining the night that the boys were about to experience, while they were preparing to go in a warm and dry house.

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Krystal asked her husband if they should ask the parents if they can allow them to go with the babies for a warm bath and shelter that night since the parents were high and would refuse to go to a shelter.

The next word that Krystal heard from the husband was that the parents had said yes.  Without wasting time, the parents out on an old polo, they had been given in the church on the toddler and handed the baby to Krystal in the car seat.  Krystal asked the babies name, as they drove after she had realized she did not know what to call them.   After five minutes of driving, the rain started falling and all Krystal would do is staring in her rear view mirror surprised and happy that God chose her home to offer refuge to the boys.

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After returning the boys to their parents on Saturday, they prayed as a family that protects and provide a shelter to the boys.

When Krystal and Ronnie were leaving church on Sunday morning, they were approached by a family with their social worker at the parking lot.   The family told the couple that investigation, the social worker had decided the boys be removed from their parents immediately for private reasons.

The parents asked Ronnie and Krystal if they would shelter the children temporarily to hinder foster care, and they wanted an immediate answer.

All that happened five months ago, and now the unplanned and unexpected has resulted into a blessing in Krystal’s family.

Ronnie and Krystal have now been faced with the decision to either put the boys in foster care or adopt them.  However, the couple is very confident that God placed the boys in their lives for a reason and to love them as theirs.  Krystal says her husband laughs when he remembers the talk they had before meeting the boys.  By then, Krystal was six weeks after hysterectomy, after fighting an early cancer treatment that denied them getting more kids.

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The couple has already signed the consent forms, and they are now finalizing the process of adopting the boys legally, to officially make them part of their family.

Since the couple is not foster parents, they do not get any help from the state to care for the boys.  Although the boys have been in their care, the couple requires finalizing with the court, attorney, and filing at approximately $10,000.

The prayer of the couple is that their story will inspire others to be generous.  It is through fate that these boys brought to Ronnie and Krystal.  Please, this incredible story with all your friends.